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Confidence Collins Orphanage home

Vision of Confidence Collins Orphanage Centre

 - Home For The Needy

is to get children out of suffering, poverty, helplessness/

hopelessness and to give them education, a better life and future.

Our aims are:

1. To provide shelter for the needy e.g. orphans, street children, handicapped, the weak / sick, widows / widowers, refugees etc.

2. To provide facilities e.g. buildings, schools, water etc. to the people listed above

3. To provide education e.g. technical, sewing, furniture, craft, mechanical etc. as to the people listed above

4. To provide food, clothing e.g. farming, production etc. as in the case listed in number 1

5. To provide health care services e.g. clinic, hospital to the sick e.g. HIV / AIDS, cholera, diarrhoea etc.

6. General humanitarian services and above all to make them to know God, follow him, grow in him to fulfil their destiny.


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